Our Values

In the complex environments within which leaders find themselves, it is critical to have access to unbiased advisors that are able to identify blind spots and hidden opportunities not easily seen or known. At Moore Counseling & Mediation Services, Inc. (MCMS), our veteran team of professionals helps you navigate the complexity and see breakthrough performance opportunities. Through our unique, multifaceted process we help you establish distinctive strategies that, when implemented, lead to substantial improvements in your organizational performance.

Our team does more than just leave you with a strategic plan. We work in synchrony with you to take the crucial steps in assisting with plan implementation. This implementation phase is one of the key factors that sets MCMS apart from other consulting firms. Without assisting in this phase, a consulting firm’s job is only partially done. We are well-positioned to deliver real, measurable value to you and to exceed your expectations.




How We Work

We work collaboratively with you, paying close attention to your organization’s culture and the people and processes necessary for the
strategic plan to succeed. Because we are separate from your organization’s day-to-day work, we are able to evaluate objectively, prompt difficult discussions, and channel intense moments in a professional and productive way.

Our unbiased objectivity enables us to:

  • assure that goals and objectives are realistic
  • distinguish between cause and effect
  • ensure a level playing field among participants
  • identify and leverage alternative agendas that may arise.

Our approach enables your organization to remain flexible and to successfully respond to changing environments by capitalizing on
strengths, addressing gaps and building capacity. By appreciating the interdependence of variables, preparing for alternative realities and challenges, and interpreting, then addressing, relevant opportunities, a customized plan organically develops that meets the unique needs of your organization.


Working with MCMS and its staff is a very positive experience. They are knowledgeable and passionate people about improving organization performance.
We have never engaged in a strength-based strategic planning process before. It’s amazing the way this process brought us all together for a common purpose.
Our facilitators were awesome and the process refreshing. I’m looking forward to our next three years.

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