There is always hope.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Drug Free programming has changed as follows:

  • Two simple levels (basic and advanced)
  • Unlimited years in program
  • Start-up grant support
  • Easier to understand and implement
  • Previous participants eligible to join
  • Fewer hours of training required
  • Flexibility to drop in and out of program

Our highly skilled and qualified staff is licensed and certified as Chemical Dependency Counselors and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. Our affordable DFSP training programs are informative and the participants are encouraged to actively participate in an engaging educational process.



  • Employee Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Policy Consultation & Review
  • Train the Trainer
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Training
  • Designated Employee Representative (DER) Training
  • Employee Assistance Resources
  • Flexible Hours
  • Drug Testing Administration Assistance
  • Trainings Can Be Provided
    • On-site at your company
    • At our offices
    • Online


Please call 216•404•1900 to find out how a Drug Free Safety Program can help your company.