Upcoming CEU Workshops

Upcoming workshops for 2017

Seeking Safety (3 CEU) Friday, June 9, 2017
Seeking Safety is a present-focused, coping skills therapy to help people attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance use disorder (SUD). It embodies a compassionate tone that honors what clients have survived and respects their strengths. This workshop will be grounded in the evidenced based treatment: Seeking A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance abuse.

Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue (3 CEU) Friday, June 23, 2017
Working with people who have experienced trauma and injustice, can be complex for helping professionals. The chronic day-to-day exposure to clients and the distress they experience may become emotionally taxing on helping professionals. Such exposure can result in the experience of a condition known as vicarious
trauma and/or compassion fatigue. Ultimately, if not addressed properly helping professionals can find themselves in a state of professional burnout. This workshop will address the signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma and/or compassion fatigue. We will also discuss ways that professionals can begin to practice self-care as a preventive tool.

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