This service offers an alternative to litigation for individuals involved in a dispute. Conflict resolution is a process in which a neutral, non-judgemental third party, the mediator, works with both parties to negotiate mutually beneficial settlements. Clients will learn how to resolve conflict using communication techniques rather than costly legal action.

Mediation offers non-stressful, fair and reasonable resolutions. The power to create solutions is directly made and agreed upon by both parties. Each individual makes decisions that directly affects their life. Mediation is useful in a variety of conflicts and has become the fastest growing means of dispute resolution in the United States. This is because mediation takes less time and saves you money. Our fees are moderate; there is no retainer or hidden fees. In addition, studies have shown that 80% of all mediations end with a mutually satisfactory agreement.

We effectively and confidentially resolve conflicts in the following areas:

  • Divorce
  • Post-decree matters
  • Business
  • Community
  • Debt/Credit Crisis
  • School
  • Church/Church Community
  • Family and Elder


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